Autogenic Techniques

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Forbidden Knowledge

Forbidden KnowledgeClick Image To Visit Site“None of my friends will have anything to do with me when it comes to wagers or “strange feats” anymore. I think that if I told them I could walk on water they would believe me (grin). By now, they think I can do just about anything. I LOVE this book. Thanks!”

Oh the possibilities . . . All this and more you will learn in just this one truly amazing book. I can not only promise you this, but I back it up with a full money back guarantee (like many of the bets, wagers and games in this book, you can’t lose!).

So many ways to utilize this incredible knowledge. I once worked as a manufacturers rep. There was a store that almost never allowed displays. I spoke to the owner and told him I had heard that getting a display in his establishment was next to “impossible.” He agreed. I politely told him I specialized in “impossible.” When he asked what I meant, I told him I could do the “Black Hole” revealed in the Impossible Chapter. He laughed at me and told me if I could do that, he would allow the display. He actually laughed at me. 20 minutes later, I was putting the display up in the front of the store. I became a sort of legend amongst the other reps, and they all wanted to know how I did it. It even earned me a bonus!

Perform feats that will have everyone asking “How the hell did you do that?” Have them talking about you to their friends the next day. YOU CAN BE THAT PERSON. Enjoy the power of Astounding Secrets. Relish life. Be AMAZING!

Amaze and stun everyone with your “psychic knowledge and abilities” and your “talent” for telling a person about their Past, Present and Future.

Don’t abuse this please. I have actually had people break down and cry when giving a reading. One gentleman once offered me a nice sum of cash to pick his stock investments. Of course I refused. Remember, this is a trick. You can amaze people, but do NOT take advantage of them. Ever.

But . . . You can still have a blast with these techniques. People will actually think that you have some sort of power, some psychic insight. And they will flock to be around you. Just don’t get carried away.

" (this is)The easiest way to meet women I’ve ever seen! It’s almost embarrassing when I start “reading palms” or “analyzing handwriting” [I always have them write their phone # : 0)], they practically fight to be next"

Of course there’s more. Don’t want to give it all away now do we? We do have to give you a warning here though:

Some guys just have no sense of humor. If you embarrass some big muscular fella with one or more of these stunts, he might be insecure enough to get angry and perhaps do something stupid. Choose your “victims” with care!

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